Serial & individual parts

Serial parts

Do you need your workpieces in large quantities?

We produce both small batches and large volumes. Our comprehensive range of machinery enables the quick and efficient realization of small as well as large series in high quality.

In our production, we process all machinable materials based on your specification, drawings and samples. Irrespective of whether your items are highly sophisticated leading-edge products or simple parts, we operate flexibly and precisely. This results in a high repetitive accuracy and the maintenance of the exact dimensions. A constant high quality is ensured from the first to the last workpiece in the series.

The best solution for the different requirements in the serial production.

Individual parts

Are you looking for a custom-made item?

In order to put your ideas into practice, we offer you the highest flexibility. We devise solutions that are tailored individually to you and your requirements. We produce them according to your drawing, your sketches or your samples. On request, we will also perform the design. Independent of the used material and the necessary machining processes, we can offer you single parts with the highest level of precision. Your precision parts will meet in our production your high requirements, for sure.

A look at the versatility of our manufacturing and processing possibilities.

If you have any questions about our serial and individual parts

We are at your disposal.

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